They Could Be Malaysia’s Youngest Movie Directors!

A video on Twitter got a little bit of attention recently, as it showcased a stop motion animation that was done by three young siblings over the school holidays.

they could be malaysia’s youngest movie director!Photo from: Google Images 

Their mother Suhana said that the 2-minute 44 seconds video was inspired by The Lego Movie and Ghostbusters – it also included an extra ending credit scene at the end! 

The project was directed and voice-overed by 12-year old Mya and 9-year old Hamka. Their younger brother, 4-year old Sina, also had a part in the project as the voice of Slimer.

Suhana said her daughter only used an iPhone 5s and an app to take over 1500 pictures for the project, and took about 2 weeks to complete the video. 

The short animation also attracted the attention of Malaysian celebrity Adibah Noor and radio announcer Haniff Hamzah, gaining almost 2,000 retweets in just three hours!

But seriously, it’s cool – you guys dah tengok belum?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat