These Frontliners Are Winning The Hearts Of People Online!

These frontliners are winning the hearts of the people online by going above and beyond their call of duty to help the elders with walking difficulties, to get to the COVID-19 screening booth in Pudu Market. 

A recent video captioned “Pity These Elders” posted by user Franke Yap went viral online, showing medical officers assisting a group of elders.  

In the video, a voice could be heard saying that those who are working and living around Pudu Market were ordered by the health authorities to undergo a COVID-19 screening. 

A group of elderly men with crutches were walking slowly to the screening stations while three medical officers in full personal protective equipment (PPE) suits were seen to be walking with them while holding their hands. 

these frontliners are winning the hearts of people online!Photo via Malay Mail (Radzi Razak)

Meanwhile, one photo captured by Radzi Razak from Malay Mail also caught the attention of many people, of a health officer giving a piggyback ride to one elderly aunty who was too weak to walk.

According to the Malay Mail, more than 500 foreign workers in the Pudu wet market and surrounding areas in Kuala Lumpur were screened for COVID-19, as the area turned busier after businesses were allowed to open under the CMCO. 

Many netizens commented on the selfless act and kindness of the health officers, for going above and beyond to help those who are in need. 

these frontliners are winning the hearts of people online!

these frontliners are winning the hearts of people online!

Photo via Facebook (Franke Yap)

Not all heroes wear capes! Thank you to all medical frontliners for the hard work and sacrifices they make to keep us safe and healthy. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat