There May Be Water On The Moon But What About Selangor?

Raven the Science Maven coincidentally shares the same name as Raven Baxter from Disney’s ‘That’s so Raven’. However, she is no psychic, but she is a molecular biologist and science communicator who is also a model and musician. 

there may be water on the moon but what about selangor?Photo via Facebook

Just past midnight on 27th October, Raven live tweeted the NASA report about discovery of water molecules on the moon. This brings us one step closer to maybe living on the moon in the future. 2020 has been feeling more apocalyptic than 2012 so we take this as good news.

What Raven did not expect from sharing the good news is a flood of retweets from Malaysian netizens sharing their plight about the frequent major water supply disruptions in Selangor.  

Raven took to Google to translate the various messages that Malaysians have shared. She then used her platform to raise awareness for the need for accessible clean water for the masses not just in Selangor but across the globe. 

Malaysians appreciated Raven using her digital space to bring attention to the importance of accessible clean water.  

They also expressed hope that the authorities would give greater attention to providing stable water access for the masses. 

Raven showed us the beauty of connection that happens when one takes time to listen and understand issues that are happening outside of our bubbles. 

Thank you for the (social) science lesson, Raven the Science Maven. 

By: Catalina Hubbard