Theft Gone Wrong Or Nap Gone Wrong?

theft gone wrong or nap gone wrong?

We have heard of houses being broken into and possessions being stolen. Aside from those who weren’t able to flee the scene on time, those who commit these acts are usually long gone by the time the owners discover the damage.

In a strange turn of events, Twitter user @kayzkaela woke up to a drug addict taking a nap in the car parked in the compound of her house. He was found in the front passenger seat oblivious to everything. @kayzekaela added that the car wasn’t locked (there is no such thing as too much security!) and everything in the car was scattered around.

Upon discovering the man, she called the police. Fortunately (not so much for the man), the police got there before he woke up and apprehended him. This incident in Klang got mixed reactions from netizens, with some finding it more funny than scary.

Twitter user @wthafiz replied to the tweet saying maybe the man didn’t really intend to steal anything - he just wanted to steal some shut eye. Sleep is precious, though, so maybe, just maybe, he’s right.

Have you ever encountered any odd incidents like this?

By: Celestine Foo