Are They Coming Back? Rock Band The Strokes Apologizes to Malaysia and Hopes for Future Performance

The cancellation of Good Vibes Festival 2023 left numerous international and local acts disappointed, including the prominent American rock band, The Strokes. 

are they coming back? rock band the strokes apologizes to malaysia and hopes for future performancePhoto via TikTok

The band was scheduled to headline the event's final day on Sunday, 23rd July, at the Sepang International Circuit. Unfortunately, the festival was canceled on Saturday, 22 July, leaving eager fans unable to witness The Strokes' much-anticipated performance.

As fate would have it, The Strokes had already arrived in Kuala Lumpur on the day of the cancellation, preparing for their show the next day. Lead guitarist Nick Valensi took a moment to speak with a Malaysian fan at the airport, expressing his aspiration to return to Malaysia for a performance in the future. 

The interaction was shared on TikTok by the fan, named Tera, who also posted a clip of fellow lead guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. waving to fans while leaving the airport, apologizing for the unfortunate turn of events.

The news of the cancellation and the band's sincere response elicited an outpouring of support and sympathy from heartbroken Malaysian fans on TikTok. Many fans expressed that The Strokes should not apologize for the festival's cancellation, recognizing that the situation was beyond the band's control. They fondly recalled the band's significant impact on their lives, with one fan even referring to them as legends who enriched their school years with their music.

@terabbble we hope to meet you real soon Nick and The Strokes here in Malaysia. it was so devastated 😢💔 #thestrokes ♬ original sound - tera
@terabbble “sorry guys” no! you don’t have to say sorry Albert </3 #thestrokes ♬ original sound - tera

Despite the disappointment, there remained hope among fans that The Strokes would eventually perform in Malaysia. Several TikTok users voiced their desire for the band to hold a solo concert in the country soon.

Before the festival cancellation, The Strokes had recently performed at the We The Fest festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Friday, 21 July, as evidenced on their Instagram page. 

However, lead vocalist Julian Casablancas took to his personal Instagram to address the situation, expressing his apologies to Malaysia and revealing that the band was actively trying to schedule a performance in the country. 

Casablancas assured fans that he would keep them informed about any updates.

The Strokes, like many other artists, were affected by the cancellation of Good Vibes Festival 2023. Despite the disappointment, the band's members remained gracious towards their Malaysian fans and expressed their desire to return for a future performance. 

The cancellation served as a poignant reminder of the uncertain nature of live events, but the hope of witnessing The Strokes' performance in Malaysia remained alive among their devoted fans.