The Poor May Not Be Envious Of The Rich After All

When we’re busy going about our everyday lives, we sometimes forget that there are many of those who are less fortunate than us, struggling just to get by.

With the recent commotion against the claims made by the Prime Minister, Dr Mahatir Mohamad with regards to the poor, an Ustaz by the name of Musyetaq shared a heartbreaking story on Twitter of a mother, barely able to pay for her son’s school fees.

The conversation between them started with the mother asking politely to the Ustaz to pay for her son’s registration fee in installments

"I pay RM30 first Ustaz. I don't have enough money to pay.” She said

Ustaz Mustetaq understood that is was the start of the year and there’s probably a lot of pending payments to be made.

The mother then continued, “It’s the beginning of the year and I have six children registering for school. At the same time, I also have to pay for my car’s roadtax.” said the mother with tears in her eyes.

She added " I can only afford this Ustaz, God’s willing, I'll try to pay in full next month"

The Ustaz replied, holding back tears "It's okay, I understand. If there’s anything I can help, just let me know”.

He later revealed that the mother has a 7-year-old son that won’t be attending school this year since the family couldn’t afford to pay for his school fees.

As a teacher, Musyetaq had seen many similar cases, one of which involved a grandfather barely able to pay for grandchild’s school fees after the boy lost his parents.

Musyetaq’s story has since gone viral, with people expressing their sympathies and highlighting the plight of the poor here in Malaysia.

Even popular actress, Adibah Noor, clapped back at the Prime Minister’s statement, saying that the poor may not even have the time to envy the rich.

Many have reached out to Musyetaq in response to his story and put in their donations to help both the mother and the grandfather.

We wish for the two families to get the help that they need and hope that this story will serve as a reminder to all of us to be more compassionate and kind to those who are less fortunate than us.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya