The Plight Of Flight Attendants

If we feel jittery about flying or if we need anything while on board our flight, it gives us great comfort that the trusty flight attendants will always be there for us.

Unfortunately, some of us do take them for granted.

Earlier this week, Twitter user @okedkama shared an Instagram story of her flight attendant friend, Mummy, who gave us an insight of what exactly a cabin crew has to go through.

The story started with one of her cabin crew friends, who unfortunately had his/her arm broken after helping a passenger get his/her bag into the overhead compartment.

Mummy reminded everyone in her story that it is not part of a cabin crew’s job and that their primary role is to take care of passengers, not passengers’ bags!

In fact, a lot of them have suffered slip disc or bone related injuries just because of this ordeal. Many had to take MCs and miss paid work days all because of stubborn passengers who refused and later complained when asked to check in their luggage.

What is more annoying is that some men also seek help from female flight attendants to help with their luggage. Mummy had the perfect response to this:

“Excuse me sir, please be a gentleman. Are you seriously asking a woman to help you lift up your luggage?”

Many sympathized with the fate of our flight attendants when they encounter such ignorant passengers.

Some airline personnel also shared their personal experience of handling passengers who just didn’t get the memo.

Either way, let’s all be more considerate to our cabin crew. After all, they’re the first (and only) people we turn to for help when we’re a thousand metres off the ground.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya