The King And Queen Tapau-ed KFC For Reporters Outside Istana Negara!

We’re sure you’re well aware of the political drama unfolding in Malaysia. While many are anxiously waiting for the latest news, media reporters are tirelessly losing sleep to give us the latest scoop on the current situation.

What we weren’t aware of was how our King and Queen, amidst the commotion, made time to reflect on just how challenging a reporter’s job can be.

While politicians were going in and out of Istana Negara to seek an audience with His Majesty, media personnel had set up camp outside the palace compounds to monitor and report developments of the situation.

As early as 7am, some had already braved the sun and foregone hunger, just so we Malaysians would remain well informed.

Understanding their situation, the King and Queen surprised them with helpings of KFC!

Palace officials brought out the tapau-ed KFC, which was greeted by happy reporters cheering loudly.

As the camera panned out to all the other media personnel, we could just see how grateful they were — beaming widely after receiving such a thoughtful gift.

A representative from Astro Awani stepped forward to receive the prized fried chicken and even had a photo op with the KFC in hand.

The kindness and generosity of our King and Queen isn’t new news, but that isn’t stopping us being in awe of them.

We wish the media personnel the very best of luck in their duties, and hope that the KFC and the happiness of the moment keeps them going!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya