The Internet Mourns The Loss Of Our Favourite TikTok Cat, Pot Roast

Our favorite, unproblematic cat queen, Pot Roast died recently after being diagnosed with FIV.

PotRoastsMom, revealed the death of her cat Pot Roast early Thursday (February 18th) morning.

the internet mourns the loss of our favourite tiktok cat, pot roastPhoto via Know Your Meme

"This morning at 11:47 a.m., my little bird flew away," she posted in text over a video of her cradling her cat. 

"I could tell Pot Roast was done fighting when I saw her this morning, and even though I wasn't done battling for her, I let her go. In my arms, she fell asleep."

Pot Roast had recently tested positive for FIV, which surprised Pot Roast's mother, who alerted her 930,000 TikTok followers that her cat's FIV had moved into her bone marrow. 

"Pot Roast was on borrowed time," as the saying goes.

On Thursday, @potroastsmom said, "In the end, it was just her and myself. And I cherish every moment we spent together."

@potroastsmom #potroasttok ♬ original sound - vacant

This comes only hours after she revealed that her cat needed a blood transfusion after having a seizure caused by low blood sugar. 

She had written a few days before that her cat was spending "a lot of time on the bathroom floor these days with potty pads and high calorie wet food, and that she believed it was coming to an end. 

Pot Roast was fed "two cans of tuna and three cat gogurts," its favourite foods. 

Pot Roast's owner found Pot Roast in 2014, when she was a sophomore at Missouri University of Science and Technology. 

She met the cat during an event where students sit in a pen of kittens to ease their stress. Despite finding that Pot Roast had a slew of health issues, she adopted the cat right away.

Owning Pot Roast, on the other hand, was never a solitary experience; the entire internet rejoiced in Pot Roast's presence. And, in the aftermath of Pot Roast's death, it appears that everyone on social media is grieving as well.

You’ve always been the sweetest little furball. We will definitely miss you, Pot Roast!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat