Thank You For The Shoutout, Master Skywalker!

Malaysians get excited over everything, don’t we?

Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill announced that he is deleting his Facebook account in a post on Twitter and accidentally gave Malaysia a little shoutout...

thank you for the shoutout, master skywalker! Photo: Google Images

Mark used a Malaysian flag instead of the American flag in his announcement when he was expressing his feelings about how there are more important values than making profit. 

Malaysians, of course, started flooding his Twitter replies, on how they can relate to his statement while others expressed their patriotism on the platform. 

Hamill eventually corrected himself in a subsequent tweet using the correct American flag. 

According to The Star, it was reported that Facebook will continue to let political campaigns use targeted advertisements to reach its users, and that Facebook will not be monitoring the truthfulness of the content being sent out as it is a part of the political campaign. 

Hamill expressed his disappointment over how Facebook seems to focus more on gaining profit from the political ads, instead of ensuring that the platform is free from political campaigns that could affect the election process in the United States. 

Hamill has 3.59 Twitter followers where he constantly tweets and interact with his fans. Before he deleted his Facebook page, he had over 900,000 followers on the platform. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat