“Thank You Buy For Me” M’sians Come Together To Defend Man Whose Wife Caught Him Buying G.I. Joe Toy

A Sarawakian man was recently caught by his wife after she came across a photo of him buying a new toy.

“thank you buy for me” m’sians come together to defend man whose wife caught him buying g.i. joe toyPhoto via Twitter Muhammad Nazmi (@chuckee_little)

The photo, shared by a store on their Facebook page shows the man, Muhammad Nazmi posing with his new G.I. Joe action figure. Looks pretty cool, not gonna lie!

His wife then left a simple, yet daunting message: “You bought another toy?”

Malaysian social media users were then quick to defend the husband, stating that the action figure was a good investment while others claimed that Nazmi was buying the toy for them: “Thanks for helping me buy it, Nazmi!”

While another person tried convincing the wife that the purchase will be worth it in the long run: “Oh, the action figure is actually very cheap. The price can go up to ten times the price now in ten years.”

Nazmi told the Malay Mail that he wasn’t expecting that his wife would discover the photo so soon. 

“The store owner asked to take a photo of me with the toy as it is normal here in Malaysia to do that. It’s like an appreciation gesture towards the customers,” he said. 

He also said that his wife was “okay” with his purchase.

This is hilarious. Well, we’re glad she’s okay with the new G.I. Joe toy!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat