Elderly Man In Thailand Goes Viral For Travelling 300km With His 11 Cats In A Sidecar Motorcycle

A 65-year-old man from Thailand recently went viral after he was spotted taking his 11 kittens on a 300 km road trip on his motorcycle and sidecar. 

elderly man in thailand goes viral for travelling 300km with his 11 cats in a sidecar motorcycle

elderly man in thailand goes viral for travelling 300km with his 11 cats in a sidecar motorcyclePhoto via The Thaiger

The man, Choowong Samsen or known as Uncle Samsen travelled 300km from Bangkok to his kampung in the northeastern region of Nakhon Ratchasima or Korat. 

According to Yahoo! News, Uncle Samsen recently went viral online, especially on TikTok after several locals shared videos of him and his furry friends travelling in a sidecar motorcycle, “Have a safe trip, kids!” one user captioned their video.

Uncle Samsen, was forced to leave his hometown after his construction company went bankrupt in 1997. He moved to Bangkok and sold anything he could find to be able to feed himself and his cats. 

He currently sells trinkets at flea markets and recycles trash for a recycling firm in Bangkok. 

Though he is struggling financially, Uncle Samsen revealed that he would never abandon his cats. He would starve himself sometimes to make sure that his cats get to eat first. He also said that his cats go wherever he goes. 

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His cats were all stray cats before he adopted them. Some of their names include Thong Kwak, Thong Ek, Thong K, Thong Daeng, Thong Kam and Thong Heng. 

But this is not the first time that Uncle Samsen went viral. In September 2022, a video of him and his cats travelling in the motorcycle sidecar went viral garnering over 250 views, as reported by Yahoo! News. 

How cute!