Teacher Transforms School Classroom with TV and Air Conditioning, "Like a School in England!"

Teachers hold a special place in their hearts for ensuring their students learn in the most comfortable settings.

teacher transforms school classroom with tv and air conditioning, like a school in england!Photo via TikTok (@yuslanibr)

A recent heartwarming TikTok video featured a male teacher who went above and beyond to secure funds and private sponsors for his students.

In the video, the teacher shared his heartfelt commitment to seeking external sponsors to adorn the classroom, creating a serene and cozy environment conducive to learning.

What touched many was the thoughtful effort put into decorating the classroom. It wasn't just tidy but also equipped with a television, sofas, air conditioning, and more.

"I didn't use my RM2,000 bonus to decorate the classroom, but I sought funding and private sponsors to provide my students with a smart TV, air conditioning, fans, desks, and more," he shared in the video.

Despite the challenges faced, the teacher expressed gratitude that his students could now enjoy a comfortable learning space.

"It's heartwarming to see the children learn comfortably and have access to complete facilities, especially with the addition of the non-flickering Smart TV," he expressed.

"Feels like a school in England" one person commented. 

The comments section overflowed with touching reactions from netizens, reflecting the impact of the video.

@yuslanibr Maaf saya tak habiskan duit bonus untuk keceriaan kelas dan saya tak viral, ini secebis kisah cikgu yang membuat apa sahaja untuk anak-anak murid mereka.. T AEON Smartclasroomfypシ゚viral #cikgu #dekokelas #smartclassroom #fypシ゚viral #aeonsmartclass ♬ Hasrat (OST Imaginur) - Amir Jahari

At the time of writing, the video had garnered 1.1M views and 49.5K likes on TikTok.

This is amazing. Thank you Cikgu!