A Teacher Changed Her Student’s Life with Two Spoons of Milo

a teacher changed her student’s life with two spoons of milo

What do Milo powder and teachers have in common? As it turns out, both are pretty life-changing. This viral story of a teacher who changed a student’s life with two spoonfuls of Milo powder proves just that.

In a Facebook post that has since received over 20,000 likes, Facebook user Swallow Lew shared a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation between herself and one who identified himself as the student who stole Milo powder from her 17 years ago.

Lew recalled this student as an underperforming student with learning disabilities who came from a poor family. After school, she would take him home to give him tuition lessons to help him improve his studies.

One day, she found him sneakily eating her Milo powder in the kitchen. Thinking he would be punished, the student, with his mouth covered in Milo powder, started to tear up. Instead, Lew quickly cleaned him up and sent him to his mother. Since then, for the next 3 years, Lew started to reward the student with two spoons of Milo powder whenever he did well.

Today, the student is an engineer working in the US. Lew definitely left a lasting impression on him as he mentioned Lew as the first person he would like to see upon arriving home in Malaysia this month. Jokingly, Lew replied, “You’re not thinking about giving me a dozen of Milo cans in return, right?”


What a touching story! We love how creative this teacher was in her dedication towards her student.