Talented Rider Gifted His Wonderful Piano Playing To All Malaysians

Being a frontliner during a global pandemic can’t be an easy task. That’s why it’s important for them to take a break once in a while and maybe even play a few tunes!

In a video caught by Twitter user, Izat Yuan, a rider delivering food was seen taking a break from his duties to play the piano… beautifully, we might add!

The talented rider known as Amirullah gifted the people at International Youth Centre (IYC) a rendition of two popular hit songs, “Kisah Cinta Kita” (Our Love Story) by the famous Malay artist, Hafiz Suip and “Havana” by the popular Hollywood singer, Camilla Cabello.

The videos of him playing the piano went viral, with many praising him for his wonderful gift.

Amirullah, who was seen in the video still wearing his delivery bag on his back, shared through his Twitter that he had just finished delivering someone’s order and thinking that the coast was clear, decided to play a little tune to lighten up the mood at the IYC.

He didn’t know that somebody was recording him, but thanked Izzat for doing so!

As Amirullah played the piano so beautifully, some people asked whether he had taken any prior classes. He explained that he only learned to play the piano through Youtube and had even uploaded a few more videos of him playing the piano.

He pleaded to netizens to wish him and the other frontliners well during this tough time and hopes the world will get better soon.

Thank you Amirullah for making the world a brighter place!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya