Taiwanese Man Got Creative, Installs 8 “Screaming Chickens” To Avoid Hitting Gate In Tight Garage

Get ready for a funny and heartwarming tale from Taiwan that's all about car protection and... plastic chickens!

So, picture this: there's a car-loving dude in Taiwan who just got his brand-spanking-new car. And boy, does he want to keep it pristine! No scratches, no dents, nada! But here's the catch—his garage space is so tight that he needs to back up right until there's just a teeny tiny gap between the car and the wall to park it.

Now, our hero wasn't going to take any chances, oh no! He came up with the most ingenious idea to safeguard his precious ride—cue the "wall of 8 plastic chickens"! Yes, you heard that right, chickens! 

taiwanese man got creative, installs 8 “screaming chickens” to avoid hitting gate in tight garagePhoto via ctwant

But don't worry, they're not the clucking kind; these are special screaming chickens!

He shared his brilliant chicken-filled strategy with a Taiwanese car Facebook group, and it had everyone cackling with laughter. And you won't believe the reason behind this feathered defense—he didn't want to hear the dreadful sound of metal on metal, so he swapped it with the hilarious screams of plastic chickens!

Whenever he backs up, and those screaming chickens do their thing, he knows he's at the perfect spot! It's like a quirky, chicken-filled parking guide, and it's working like a charm! No scratches, no dents, just a whole lot of laughter.

Of course, one curious netizen wondered how he can hear those chicken screams when the car's soundproofing is on point. Our clever friend had an answer for that too—he rolls down the window and goes sloooowly to catch the full effect! Now that's dedication!

You might be thinking, "Hey, why not use regular bumpers or cushions?" But nope, those don't make any noise. This guy wanted a parking buddy that's both protective and hilarious, so screaming plastic chickens it was!

And the best part? This chicken-filled wall of protection only set him back 240 Taiwanese dollars (that's about RM35.04)! A real bargain for a chicken choir that provides both warning sounds and cushioning!

How funny!