Japanese Restaurant in Taiwan Introduces Durian Ramen Inspired by The Malaysian Version

Shan He Tang Ramen, a renowned Japanese restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has captured attention with its latest offering: ramen featuring durian flesh served inside the spiky husk of the tropical fruit.

In a recent Facebook post, Shan He Tang Ramen announced that they will be serving 20 bowls of their unique "durian ramen" each day, starting from June 22nd.

japanese restaurant in taiwan introduces durian ramen inspired by the malaysian versionPhoto via Facebook (山禾堂拉麵 (岡山店)

The dish incorporates fresh durian pulp, which is meticulously blended into a coconut milk tonkotsu soup base. Served alongside Hakata-style noodles, char siew (barbecued pork), soft-boiled eggs, and dried bamboo shoots, this distinctive ramen also boasts a medley of additional ingredients such as water chestnuts, white radish, apples, potatoes, and lemongrass.

Preparing this bowl of durian ramen is no easy feat, as each bowl requires careful hand-cutting and excavation. The process of carving out the durian husk without causing any accidental breakage adds to the complexity.

Consequently, the restaurant only offers 20 bowls per day, divided into 10 bowls during the morning and 10 bowls during the evening, as stated by the restaurant.

The owners of Shan He Tang Ramen found their inspiration for this innovative dish during a recent trip to Malaysia. Both being fervent durian enthusiasts, the owner, Sun Yuen, and his wife ventured to Malaysia to savor the delights of durian ramen after learning about a local restaurant serving it.

Upon their return, Sun invested considerable time and effort into perfecting his own recipe, ultimately deciding to introduce this extraordinary dish at his own establishment.

To create their durian ramen, Shan He Tang Ramen sources durian from Malaysia and Thailand. The limited-time offering will be available until November exclusively at their Okayama store.

The restaurant presents three delectable variations of the dish:

  1. Superb Durian Pork Bone and Coconut Barbecued Pork Ramen – Priced at NTD 680 (RM 102)

  2. Superb Durian Pork Bone and Preserved Egg Ramen – Priced at NTD 720 (RM 108)

  3. Superb Durian Pork Bone and Preserved Egg Char Siu Surge Ramen – Priced at NTD 780 (RM 117)

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Posted by 山禾堂拉麵 on Tuesday, 13 June 2023

While Sun did not disclose the precise Malaysian restaurant where he encountered durian ramen, it is speculated that it might have been Menya Shi Shi Do in Petaling Jaya, which introduced the dish in May.

According to a Facebook post, Menya Shi Shi Do also faced similar challenges of sourcing the fruit and handling it, resulting in their decision to limit daily servings to 20 bowls.