Taeyong NCT Melts Malaysians’ Hearts, Calling His Fans “Sayang” During His Instagram Live!

Popular South Korean singer, Taeyong from the boy group, NCT melted Malaysian K-pop fans’ hearts when he posted an Instagram post saying: “Hello, my sayang.”

taeyong nct melts malaysians’ hearts, calling his fans “sayang” during his instagram live!Photo via Billboard

On Wednesday, Taeyong did an Instagram live session and was joined by his many fans from around the world, including Malaysia! 

A few Malaysian fans commented “Sayang” during his live session which made him wonder what the word meant. 

Taeyong can be seen excited when he found out that the word actually means “honey” or “love” and said “Hello, my sayang” to his Malaysian fans that were watching his Instagram live. 

The 7-second clip has since gone viral on social media with over 44.2 thousand views at the time of writing!

That is adorable, not gonna lie! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat