Syed Saddiq Joins TikTok Creator in a Joyful Dance, Celebrating Sabah and Sarawak in Traditional Attire

As the Kaamatan Harvest Festival and the Gawai Dayak Festival approach, bringing joy to Malaysians, social media content creator Pudds and politician Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman teamed up to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Sarawak and Sabah.

In a delightful 43-second Instagram Reel, Pudds and Syed Saddiq showcased their dance skills while adorned in traditional attire representing various ethnic groups. 

syed saddiq joins tiktok creator in a joyful dance, celebrating sabah and sarawak in traditional attirePhoto via Instagram (@deadpudds)

The video started with a graceful performance of Puteri Santubong, where Pudds beautifully showcased the Iban costume, complete with the elegant sugu tinggi headpiece, vibrant bidang sarong, and a colorful marik empang.

Not stopping there, the duo immersed themselves in the cultural diversity of Sarawak by donning traditional costumes from the Orang Ulu and Bidayuh communities. Each outfit represented the unique heritage and customs of these ethnic groups.

Transitioning to the enchanting land of Sabah, Pudds and Syed Saddiq embraced the traditional attire of Sabahan ethnic groups. They swayed to the captivating beats of Tinggi Tinggi Gunung Kinabalu, an iconic Sabahan anthem. Pudds showcased the Sinuangga, a traditional dress of the Kadazan-Dusun people, while Syed Saddiq beamed in a Gaung, another Sabahan costume.

The heartfelt video resonated with netizens, who praised the duo for their efforts in showcasing the cultural richness of Malaysia. Some viewers even expressed their emotions, sharing how the familiar melody of Tinggi Tinggi Gunung Kinabalu moved them to tears, evoking feelings of nostalgia and love for their homeland.

Amid the positive response, comments flooded in, highlighting the adorable chemistry between Pudds and Syed Saddiq as they danced together. 

Adding a touch of humor, Syed Saddiq jokingly mentioned that if he had attended rehearsals and mastered the dances, he could be playfully referred to as "YB, Yang Berdansa (The One Who Dances)."

This heartwarming collaboration not only celebrated the upcoming festivals but also highlighted the beauty of Malaysia's diverse cultural heritage. 

It reminded Malaysians of the importance of embracing and cherishing their traditions, fostering unity and understanding among different communities.