Students Try Malaysian Food in London, Sharing Their Experience with a RM87 Nasi Lemak!

Living away from Malaysia often stirs a deep longing for the flavours that define our cultural identity. For Malaysians abroad, the search for a taste of home becomes a cherished pursuit. 

students try malaysian food in london, sharing their experience with a rm87 nasi lemak!Photo via TikTok (@lilisan0_o)

Recently, Lilisan, a Malaysian student studying Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics (LSE), stumbled upon a slice of Malaysia in the heart of London – Melur, a Malaysian restaurant.

In her journey documented on TikTok (@lilisan0_o), Lilisan shared the joy of rediscovering familiar dishes at Melur. The spotlight was on a plate of Nasi Lemak, a cherished Malaysian classic that came with a price tag of £15 (approximately RM87). The dish unfolded as a sensory delight, featuring coconut rice, a half-boiled egg, roasted nuts, fried anchovies, slices of cucumber, sambal, and succulent pieces of fried chicken.

Melur, appropriately named, served as a haven of nostalgia. The establishment proudly displayed a giant Malaysian flag, and tiny flags representing each Malaysian state adorned the space, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of home.

Lilisan's friends, accompanying her on this culinary journey, also reveled in the Malaysian experience at Melur. From savouring tom yam soup in a cup to relishing a generous plate of char kuey teow, their taste buds danced to the familiar tunes of Malaysian cuisine. 

The TikTok post resonated with Malaysians in London, sparking a lively discussion in the comments section. Suggestions for more Malaysian culinary hotspots in the city poured in, highlighting the collective yearning to stay connected to the flavours that define our home.

Amidst the recommendations, one comment stood out – a poignant reminder that, irrespective of our global whereabouts, Malaysian nasi lemak will forever reign supreme. 


Malaysian restaurant in London.

♬ Hanya di kau - Tan Sri P. Ramlee

This sentiment encapsulates the idea that, even when physically distanced from our homeland, the flavours of Malaysia remain a constant source of comfort and pride, creating a bridge between the familiar tastes of home and the adventures of life abroad.