Student In Thailand Stole Netizens’ Hearts For Feeding His Disabled Classmate

Little man with a big heart!

A video of a young boy feeding his disabled classmate a corndog has since caught netizens’ attention after it went viral online.

student in thailand stole netizens’ hearts for feeding his disabled classmatePhoto via Twitter (@mynewshub)

The incident, which is believed to have happened at a school in Thailand, shows a group of students eating lunch together at the school canteen. One of the boys, however, was without both his hands. 

But what caught netizens’ attention was when one male student took it upon himself to hold out a corndog for the disabled boy, so that it would be easier for him to eat his lunch, “This 19-seconds video has stolen our hearts,” reads the caption.  

The two boys were seen sitting next to each other while having their lunch together. How sweet! 

The video has since gone viral on Twitter with thousands of retweets and comments, “Where can we find a friend like this?” said one person. 

“Well done to his parents for raising such a great kid! I hope both of them succeed in life and stay friends for the rest of their lives.”

This video melts our hearts! Wah, we can learn a lot from children…

It’s amazing how they teach us so much about living life, loving and caring about other people, making the most of a situation, embracing mistakes and dreaming big all while having fun!