Student Shares Her Daily Planner For The Past 4 Years, Netizens Impressed!

“Hard work pays off!”

Being a University student is not easy! It’s hard for each of us according to our abilities to take on challenges. However, Uni is also a good place to learn how to deal with that feeling of being overwhelmed.

student shares her daily planner for the past 4 years, netizens impressed!Photo via TikTok (@durraerawr)

Having poor time management skills, taking too many classes, trying to work too many hours at a part-time job, not planning your class well or trying to cram for tests in the last week of classes are some of the mistakes University students often make. 

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok of a woman who shares her daily planner for the past four years. 

The video caught netizens’ attention and has since garnered over 129,200 views at the time of writing. Many were impressed at how organized she is!

In the video, uploaded by user @durraerawr shows her slowly going through a long piece of paper that shows her daily plans that she has kept since the beginning of the semester.

She said that the paper contains all of her schedule and plans from the first day of the semester until her graduation day, which is why the paper was so long that it fell to the bottom of the stairs. 

With the help of her planner, she has managed to get several awards despite being active in other activities.

@durraerawr Hard work paid off 🤲🏻 #fypdongggggggg #fyp #beranda ♬ original sound - durraerawr

Many took to the comment section to congratulate the woman on her achievements, “I wish one day I can be more organized like you!” said one person. 

Wow, how cool! What do you guys think of her daily planner?