Prime Minister Anwar Receives Heartfelt Letter from 9-Year-Old Malaysian Concerned About School Toilets

Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, recently shared a touching handwritten letter he received from a 9-year-old Malaysian student on his official social media platforms. 

prime minister anwar receives heartfelt letter from 9-year-old malaysian concerned about school toiletsPhoto via Facebook (Anwar Ibrahim)

The letter, penned in English, came from a young girl named Maryam, who addressed the Prime Minister as "Uncle Anwar" and used her voice to speak up about a pressing issue at her public school.

In her heartfelt letter, Maryam expressed her concern about the state of her school's bathrooms, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness in these facilities. She wrote, "I want to tell you about my school's bathroom. As much as I appreciate your task to make school toilets clean, I don't think my school's toilets are clean."

Maryam went on to describe the inadequate conditions at her school, highlighting that only two toilets had proper toilet bowls. To her dismay, the first stall near her classroom was equipped with a squat toilet, and she vividly described a hole nearby that seemed like a potential entry point for spiders. Her disappointment was evident as she continued, "The rest of the stalls are the same. So please visit my school and take a look at the toilet."

Not stopping there, Maryam urged Prime Minister Anwar to flip over the letter and read her note on the back, where she expressed her observations about the stark contrast between her school's facilities and the beautifully renovated school toilets she had seen in pictures.

The young girl's plea was straightforward yet impactful. She implored, "Please bring more toilet bowls" to her school and noted that two ceiling tiles were also missing. Maryam concluded her letter with a gracious "Thank you, Uncle Anwar," followed by her name and class.

In a heartwarming response, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim expressed his gratitude to Maryam for her courageous act in reaching out to him. He reassured her that he would thoroughly investigate the matter and expedite the resolution to ensure the well-being of students at her school.

Terima kasih Maryam. Saya akan berusaha dengan lebih teliti dan percepat selesaikan masalah ini demi kesejahteraan anak-anak di sekolah.

Posted by Anwar Ibrahim on Sunday, 15 October 2023

It is worth noting that Prime Minister Anwar had previously announced the Toilet Repair Project for 8,354 schools during the Budget 2024 presentation. He emphasized that the project aimed to improve the state of school toilets and expressed his unwavering commitment to ensuring that no child should have to endure damaged or dilapidated facilities while pursuing their education. 

Maryam's letter serves as a touching reminder of how even the smallest voices can lead to significant change and inspire leaders to take action.