Student In Sarawak Brings Giant ‘Udang Galah’ To School For His Favourite Teacher

Remember how we used to give our teachers presents on Teacher's Day to show them that we love and appreciate them? Good times!

A video recently went viral when a teacher shared a video of his student bringing a giant udang galah, or lobster to school.

student in sarawak brings giant ‘udang galah’ to school for his favourite teacherPhoto via TikTok (@cikguspiderman7)

The video that was shared by user @cikguspiderman7 on TikTok showing one of his students bringing a fresh lobster in a plastic bag has since caught netizens’ attention. 

It is believed that the student brought the prawn to school to give it to his teacher, “What do you have there, Mi?” he wrote in the caption.

“I got you some prawns!” the student replied, while casually carrying a bag of prawns into the classroom. How cute! 

The teacher reportedly works at a boarding school in Sarawak. 

Netizens were surprised by the size of the prawns because it’s HUGE! 

@cikguspiderman7 syok sek pedalaman...udang sampai ke kelas😀..nikmati udang fresh di kg#cikgutiktok #tiktokguru #cikguspiderman #cikgupedalaman #pendidikan #cikgu #udang #melanau #sarawak #pancing ♬ suara asli - Natta | Wardah - UmmaBaba

The video has since garnered over 1.2 million views just 4 days after it was uploaded on TikTok. 

“Thank you, Cikgu. It seems that your students love you,” said one person. 

How cute!