Student Helps B40 Families After Receiving Money From Strangers On Social Media

We all have that ONE friend who puts their bank account number on social media every year on their birthday, hoping for people to transfer some cash as a birthday gift.

Well, one Malaysian student got just that after he shared his bank account number on Twitter as a joke. 

student helps b40 families after receiving money from strangers on social mediaPhoto via Twitter Imran Shah (@imranshah___)

The 23-year-old law student, Imran Shah Misman jokingly shared his bank account number on Twitter on his birthday eve and did not expect the outcome of it. 

“I am turning 23 tomorrow, that’s crazy,” he said in his tweet, while including his bank account number.

Of course, he did it as a joke and was taken aback to find that he had received a total of RM160 in his account. 

He told the Malay Mail: “The Twitter statement was meant as a joke. I had no idea that my followers would actually donate to my account.”

He then discussed with his mother and decided to use the money donated to buy groceries for two B40 families staying nearby his house, “I bought groceries which were food items and delivered them to the families the next day.”

One of the family members of the first family we visited is a divorcee who is struggling to make ends meet and stays with her mother and her child, while the other family consists of an orphan who stays with her grandmother,” he added.

He also confessed to tearing up after seeing the happy and thankful faces of the families and said how it was a very rewarding experience. 

His post has since gained over 14,000 reactions with netizens praising him for performing the good deed on his birthday.

Well done, Imran! 

Let’s help each other out especially during this difficult time. Take care, guys. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat