Student By Day, Magician By Night

Here’s something you don’t see every day, especially at a formal graduation ceremony…MAGIC!

During the 35th International Islamic University Malaysia convocation, Twitter user @ufakhrul shared his flair for magic while the camera was panning to the graduate’s lineup. The 4 second video taken by wife, showed Fakhrul magically pulling out a card from his hands like it’s no big deal.

The video has since gone viral with people claiming him to be Harry Potter!

In which he confirms in his Instagram caption “Officially graduated from Hogwarts University in Bachelor of Magic & Illusion under Kuliyah of Wizard”


Officially graduated from Hogwarts University in Bachelor of Magic & Illusion under Kulliyyah of Wizard 🎩🎓

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As it turns out, Fakhrul, or better known as Fakhrul Illusionz, is actually a professional magician! Living a double life as a student and a magician, Fakhrul has performed in schools, universities, events and even won a few awards for his skills in magic. He even had a few TV appearances!

Fakhrul teased his audience who may have not had enough of his 4 second magic show with his complete wizarding skills resume

student by day, magician by night

Photo: Twitter @ufakhrul 

According to his interview with Mstar, he learned how to do magic all on his own and had developed the interest from watching them on TV when he was younger. Magic has now become his career and he is glad that it has brought him considerable profit. He said in the interview that despite living in Batu Caves, he has received invitations to perform all the way in Kelantan and even Johor Bahru from those who are willing to pay him just to see him do magic.

We wish Fakhrul a hearty congratulations for graduating and the best of luck in his career. Zam Zam Alakazam!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya