“Officer Meow” Stray Cat Sits On LRT Station’s Gate, Makes Sure Commuters Scan Before Entering!

In the heart of Malaysia, where stray cats often find their way into the most unexpected places, a heartwarming story recently unfolded that captured the essence of these feline wanderers.

“officer meow” stray cat sits on lrt station’s gate, makes sure commuters scan before entering!Photo via TikTok (@crazyysou)

Sou Aras, a talented photographer and content creator, stumbled upon a delightful scene at the Dato Keramat LRT station. In a 23-second TikTok clip that has since taken the internet by storm, Sou can be seen approaching the exit gate of the station.

But what caught her attention was not a bustling crowd or the rush of commuters; it was a stray cat, perched atop the scanner that travelers use to tap their tokens or Touch 'n Go cards. What's truly remarkable is that this nonchalant feline seemed completely uninterested in the daily hustle and bustle around her.

With a gentle and caring spirit, Sou decided to interact with the cat instead of shooing her away. She reached out to pet the furry explorer and engaged in a playful moment. Much to the amusement of onlookers, the cat eventually rose from her scanner throne, allowing Sou to scan her Touch 'n Go card before exiting the LRT station.

As the heartwarming video circulated on social media, it garnered more than 30,000 views and countless smiles. People couldn't help but notice the faintest hint of a grin on the cat's face, sparking playful comments about her newfound role as the station's chief executive feline officer. Some even humorously suggested there might be an unofficial "cat tax" for passengers to pay before departing the station.

In one light-hearted comment, a user jokingly translated the cat's message as, "I own this place, scan to pass." Another shared their own encounter with a similar station-savvy cat at the LRT station in Jelatek.

@crazyysou This cat runs this station and I must ask for his blessing to go through. Thankfully he let me pass 🙏🏽 #kl #cat #cattok #malaysiacats #malaysiatok #malaysia #kualalumpur #cats #catsoftiktok #catsruntheworld ♬ original sound - Sou

This heartwarming moment at the Dato Keramat LRT station serves as a gentle reminder that amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can still find unexpected moments of connection and joy, even with our feline friends who have made the city their home.