Stranger Just Walks Into A Man’s House And Steals RM7,000 Phone While Owner Is Cleaning His Car

Most burglars don’t want to enter your home when you’re there. They would rather find an empty home and be out as quickly as possible.

However, that’s not always the case…

stranger just walks into a man’s house and steals rm7,000 phone while owner is cleaning his carPhoto via YouTube (入屋偷窃01)

Last Tuesday (8 November), a Malaysian shared how a stranger entered his house while he was preoccupied with cleaning his car and stole his phone!

In the video, that was shared on YouTube by a user, shows the homeowner parking his car on his porch because he needed to clean it, but because the porch was too small for the car, he had to leave his gates open.

CCTV footage shows a random man stopping in front of his house, appearing to be looking for something. The stranger is then seen entering the man’s house while the homeowner was busy cleaning the front part of his car. 

The homeowner then moved away from his car and realized the stranger in his living room, which he then yelled: “What are you doing?!”

He then smacked the stranger on the back, however he managed to flee.

The homeowner, known as Chen, told the China Press that he made the mistake by leaving his gates open and only realized that the thief had stolen his RM7,000 handphone only after he checked his CCTV footage. 

Chen has filed a police report at a nearby Ampang police station. 

He also urged the public to be aware of their surroundings, even when you’re at home.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat