Storm Appears To “Break Out” On One Car Leaving Indonesians Puzzled!

A bizarre moment was caught on camera of rain, appearing to pour on only one car during a downpour in West Java, Indonesia. 

storm appears to “break out” on one car leaving indonesians puzzled!

One onlooker, Uryan Riana said: “At first I thought someone was playing with water above the hotel. But when I looked up, the water was actually falling from the sky. It was raining,” he said as reported by the Daily Mail.

“It just so happened that I was in the parking lot at that time. I immediately took out my phone and started recording what was happening,” he added. 


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Apparently, this is nothing new as the bizarre weather event in which rain only falls on a small area is known as ultra localised rain. A similar incident also occured back in 2017 in Indonesia, where rain poured on a single house in South Jakarta. 

Nothing weird, guys, it’s totally normal apparently!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat