SPM Students Took The Party To The Streets

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) is finally over! While some may go for a quieter celebration with friends and families, these students in particular decided to take the party to the streets.

A video of dozens of SPM students in Malacca celebrating the end of their exams on motorcycles has gone viral, creating havoc and chaos on the streets.

Report by Astro AWANI claimed that the incident happened on the 27th of November, at popular tourist hotspots around Malacca, in areas such as Pantai Klebang, Pantai Puteri and Bandar Hilir.

In the video, a hundred over students were seen on their motorcycles, causing a ruckus and disrupting the peace in the neighbourhood.

One student had his arm stretched out on top of a red BMW (wah lau) with other students circling the car and throwing things around. Some even were even seen smoking in public.

According to the report, other road users seemed to give way for the SPM students who clearly couldn’t care less whether they were getting in the way of those on the streets, to avoid further escalation of the incident.

spm students took the party to the streetsPhoto: Facebook Melaka Daily

When contacted by Astro AWANI, the state’s Traffic Enforcement Investigation Department (JSPT) chief, Hassan Basri Yahya said that in response to the complaint, he had issued 17 summonses to 17 SPM students for various offenses. These include no driver's license, expired travel tax and vehicle modifications. 15 of the offences were committed in Klebang, while two were committed in other parts of Melaka.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya