SECRET's Song Ji Eun Reveals Her Parents' Reaction After Announcing She's Dating YouTuber Park We

Ji Eun, a member of the group SECRET, opened up about her parents' reaction to her relationship with Park We, a YouTuber who overcame paralysis after a tragic accident. 

The couple appeared on the MBC show 'Point of Omniscient Interference' on the 27th, where they discussed their relationship and shared their plans for the future.

"We just paid the down payment for our new home," they announced with excitement. The panel congratulated them on this new step in their lives together.

Ji Eun recalled the moment she told her mother about her relationship with Park We. She explained that she had simply mentioned that her boyfriend was someone her mom could find on the internet. As it turned out, her mom was already familiar with Park We because she was a subscriber to his YouTube channel, 'Weracle.'

When Ji Eun's mother asked how she knew Park We, Ji Eun said there was no need for further explanation—her mother was already a fan of his videos. This connection made the introduction seamless.

During the show, the host, Jun Hyun Moo, asked if Ji Eun's parents had any concerns about her relationship. Ji Eun replied that her parents respected her choices, saying, "They told me, 'Your life flows according to your decisions, not by your parents.'"

The panel was moved by Ji Eun's story, especially considering the journey Park We has been on. After a building collapse accident in 2014 left him fully paralysed, he underwent a remarkable rehabilitation journey and now runs the popular YouTube channel 'Weracle.' 

The couple is preparing for their wedding in October, marking a new chapter in their inspiring love story.