Son Puts Bicycle Lock Around His Mother’s Neck As A Joke, Then Forgot The Code To Unlock It

A woman had to go to the police station to ask for help to unlock a bicycle lock cable from her neck.

The woman’s four-year-old son, believed to be the one who put the lock around his mother’s neck as a harmless joke, but later forgot the code number to unlock the bicycle lock. 

son puts bicycle lock around his mother’s neck as a joke, then forgot the code to unlock itPhoto via Utusan Malaysia

The incident allegedly happened in Jiangsu, China on Thursday (October 7th) as reported by Utusan Malaysia. 

The woman had to go to the police station to ask for help.

She explained: “I was cleaning the toilet when my son suddenly put his bicycle lock around my neck. At first, I thought it was funny until we tried to unlock it but failed. 

“I know the code number, but I was unable to unlock it as my son had changed the number. I panicked when he said he didn’t remember what the numbers were,” she said.

The woman said she panicked and went straight to the police station for help.

Upon arrival at the police station, members of the police were also unable to unlock the bicycle lock and had to call the fire department. 

The woman expressed her relief when firefighters were able to cut the bicycle lock off her.

The video has since gone viral on social media in China with many users advising the mother to monitor her child’s activity so that similar incidents won’t happen again. 

That is funny, but I bet it was scary for the mother! We’re glad she’s okay now…

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat