Somebody Claimed To Be "Ginnyboy" And Ordered 20 Burgers As A Prank

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) has been going on for more than a month now, many small restaurants and food stall owners have decided to do their business online, and some even go the extra mile to deliver them personally to their customers. 

But unfortunately, there are people who think that it’s funny to play “pranks” on these people who are working extra hard just to get by. 

Facebook user, Sherley Yu, shared an unfortunate experience of one Malaysian woman who was pranked by a customer claiming to be “Ginnyboy from YouTube”. 

She sells homemade burgers and had received an order of 20 homemade burgers that costs a total of RM140, and not only that, the orders were to be personally delivered to the customer.

The customer also claimed that she doesn’t know how to use online banking, and asked if she could pay in cash.

They discussed where to meet via WhatsApp and decided to meet at 2 pm near a Public Bank in Kuchai Lama. 

somebody claimed to be “ginnyboy” and ordered 20 burgers as a prank

somebody claimed to be “ginnyboy” and ordered 20 burgers as a prankPhoto via Facebook (Sherley Yu)

She was told to wait in front of Public Bank with her 20 packs of burgers, as the customer was on his way down, and even asked for the woman’s car number! 

As soon as the woman gave her car number, the customer said: “Hi 8984 it a prank I’m ginnyboy from youtube u can eat all the Burger.”

The woman’s sister shared the incident on her Facebook, “Sellers, whatever it is, collect the money first, online collect money. Also pay attention to the phone number, pay attention to strangers,” she wrote in her post, urging other sellers to always charge their customers first.

“The 40 burgers, my sister donated them to the orphanage, and some gave to people to eat. Thank you for the prank!” she added.

The incident obviously sparked outrage among netizens as this type of “prank” could cause struggling owners and small businesses to lose their money.

somebody claimed to be “ginnyboy” and ordered 20 burgers as a prankPhoto via Facebook (Sherley Yu)

JinnyboyTV has also clarified that the prank had nothing to do with him or his YouTube channel, as the person claimed she was “Ginnyboy” could lead to people thinking it was Jinnyboy (spelled with a ‘J’ by the way!).

Pranks can be funny and harmless, but sometimes it can be cruel, too! So please, be mindful of other people and be nice! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat