Some Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

With all the negativity we see on the internet recently, and amid the fear of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, it’s good to see there are still kind and selfless people who would go the extra mile just to help others. 

Mustaqim Kumar Abdullah Sooria in Selangor took it upon himself to clean the children’s playground equipment at a local park in Section U18, Bukit Jelutong in Shah Alam.

some heroes don’t wear capesPhoto: Facebook

In a series of photos he shared on his Facebook account, were pictures of him single-handedly scrubbing down the entire playground equipment with soap and water, especially the surfaces that the children are most likely to come into contact with. 

He explained in his post that the playground equipment in the park area is open for use among the children in the community, so his efforts are to help prevent them from contracting any possible virus, so that they can play in the playground safely.

Though he stated that many people have laughed at him for his efforts, others supported and praised him for his willingness to go the extra mile to help his local community. 

What an amazing man, he is! Thank you Mr. Mustaqim! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat