National Shuttler Soh Wooi Yik Has A South Korean Female Lookalike And M’sians Are Amused!

They really do look alike! 

national shuttler soh wooi yik has a south korean female lookalike and m’sians are amused!Photo via Astro AWANI / Twitter

A very observant Malaysian recently noticed a striking resemblance between Malaysia’s national shuttler, Soh Wooi Yik and a woman in a South Korean dating reality show, The Skip Dating.

A photo of the woman was shared on Twitter, in which her appearance looks super identical to Soh, except for her long hair!

“How to unsee this?!” the caption reads.

Netizens were shocked by the similarity and couldn’t help but wonder if the photo had been edited, “I still refuse to believe that this is real, they look so alike!

“Are you 100% sure you didn’t edit this just to ‘prank’ us?” one person commented.

Some even joked that the Korean woman could have been Soh’s long lost twin sister.

This is so funny! We can’t unsee it now!