Smacking Some Sense To Inconsiderate Road Users...Literally

This security guard is clearly ready to smack some sense to all the inconsiderate road users out there.

Videos showing a security guard literally smacking a group of motorcyclists in the head at the Kampung Lekir West Coast Expressway Toll Plaza, Setiawan went viral as they were circulated across social media.

During the incident, a convoy of motorcyclists was seen trying to get through the boom gate, blocking other drivers who were trying to do the same. Some even passed through the boom gate without a second look.

The security guard, Mohammad Yahya, saw what was happening and quickly came to the rescue and scolded the riders for not abiding by the law and for being inconsiderate. The riders ignored Mohamad until he came over and smacked one of the riders in the head.

smacking some sense to inconsiderate road users...literallyPhoto: Facebook  Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS

The motorcyclist was clearly shocked, as he immediately braked while his passenger quickly got off the motorcycle, possibly afraid of getting smacked in the head too!

After getting an earful from Mohammad, the motorcyclist finally regained his senses, ducked under the boom gate and escaped.

Many who have probably encountered the same when it comes to a group of motorcyclists taking over road lanes, were in full support of Mohammad’s actions.

smacking some sense to inconsiderate road users...literally

In an interview with Harian Metro, Mohammad justified his action of smacking the rider in the head.

"I just ‘cepuk’ him a little, to give the motorcyclist and his other friends a lesson for not using the proper lane provided for them," said the 58-year-old security guard.

Mohammad said the incident happened at 6.30pm yesterday, involving more than 50 motorcyclists from outside Manjung District.

Mohamad apologized if his action offended any parties, but he felt it was necessary, just to avoid the same mistakes from happening.

"After all, it is my duty as a security guard here, and if I were to just leave it (the incident) alone, it would’ve been wrong and similar incidents may occur in the future,” he said.

Looks like we have Mohammad to teach those riders a lesson- so for all the riders out there, you better watch out!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya