Sleepy Mummy, More Like Lit Mummy

Step aside Britney, move over Shakira, there’s a new performer in town!

We can’t get over how enthusiastic this little girl was performing the hit song from Didi & Friends, “Sleepy Mummy” or “Mengantuknya Mummia”

Twitter user, Elza, shared the video of Isabelle showing off all her dance moves online. The post had since gained over 35K retweets with many who probably couldn’t get over just how cute Isabelle was.

Another post on Isabelle’s Instagram showed her standing in front of her schoolmates, teaching them the moves to the song, like a true performer.

Not unknown in the performing industry, Isabelle is also popular on the lip-syncing app, Tik Tok, having danced and strutted what her mama gave her with full sass and energy.

Well it might just be Isabelle, but the song itself may possess a different kind of appeal especially to children. A Twitter user responded to Isabelle’s video with her own brother belting the lyrics to “Sleepy Mummy” as if he had swallowed the microphone.

Rest assured, we’re definitely not sleepy after watching Isabelle’s performance and would probably try out some of her moves when we get home!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya