Two Sisters Ordered Roti Canai Banjir At Mamak, Found Pieces Of Cotton String From A Mop

Have you ever wondered what the grossest things found in food are? Well, turn away if you get queasy easily, as we reveal the grossest thing ever found in food…

two sisters ordered roti canai banjir at mamak, found pieces of cotton string from a mopPhoto via TikTok (@yonabi_)

A video went viral on TikTok recently of two sisters who ordered roti canai banjir and nasi goreng ayam at a mamak in Sepang, however, unexpectedly, one of the sisters found something weird tasting and hard to chew in her roti canai.

She then spat the item out because she said it tasted horrible. 

At first, she thought it was a tough piece of meat from the curry but then realized it was a string of cotton rope from a mop. How disgusting! 

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The traumatizing incident was then shared on TikTok by her 25-year-old sister. In the video, you can see the girl who appears to be in shock. Well, we don’t blame her… We’d be angry and confused, too! 

The sister then explained that the mamak still charged them the full price. When they protested at the cashier, they apologized and offered them a new meal, which they declined because they had lost their appetite.

“He apologized but we still pay for everything, we did not get any discount or compensation,” she said. 

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This is actually very unhygienic and irresponsible! 

If you’re already eating the food when you spot something weird and foreign in your food, the first thing you should do is take photographs as evidence.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat