Customer's 'Sirap Limau Ikat Tepi' Order at Mamak Leads to an Unexpected Surprise

A heartwarming story emerged on TikTok when a man shared a charming 'misunderstanding' between himself and a waiter at a local mamak street stall in Cyberjaya.

TikTok user @shazztodak delighted his audience with a video documenting his experience when he ordered a 'sirap limau ikat tepi' at a restaurant called Sepinggan.

customer's 'sirap limau ikat tepi' order at mamak leads to an unexpected surprisePhoto via TikTok (@shazztodak)

For those who may not be familiar with Bahasa Melayu, 'sirap limau' is a delightful drink made from rose cordial and lime. The term 'ikat tepi' describes the practice of pouring a beverage into a plastic bag for takeout, typically securing it partially with a straw inserted into the open end.

What he received at his table was a delightful surprise that prompted him to take out his phone and capture the moment.

The drink itself turned out to be the sirap limau he had requested, but it wasn't presented in the usual plastic bag. Instead, it was served in a cup with a lime attached in a unique way using a rubber band.

This amusing 'misunderstanding' led to shared laughter between the waiter and the customer. While recording the scene, the man couldn't resist asking about the creative lime arrangement on the cup.

The waiter jovially explained that it was his take on 'ikat tepi,' precisely as requested, and they both continued to share a light-hearted chuckle.

@shazztodak Makin lama, makan melawan hukum alam kedai dia ni 🗿 #fyp #foryou ♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

The video quickly captured the hearts of viewers, accumulating over 250,000 likes and 8,800 comments.

One commenter playfully stated that this was the true 'limau ikat tepi,' prompting the customer to respond, "I want to say the waiter is wrong, but he's actually right too."

And the lingering question that remains: "How did he manage to loop that rubber band through the lime?"