Video Of Single Father Working While Taking Care Of His Four Children Went Viral, Netizens Heartbroken!

Ahh, this video breaks our hearts! 

video of single father working while taking care of his four children went viral, netizens heartbroken!Photo via Twitter (@TravelJimat)

Recently, a viral video on Twitter showing a father taking his children to work has caught the attention of Malaysian netizens. 

Netizens were touched after seeing the single father taking his four, still very young children, to work. One of his sons is seen sitting at the side of the road with him, while his other children were seen lying down on the ground. 

He was also seen carrying a baby, who seems like he’s only a few months old. 

It is believed that the man, who works as a cobbler, had just separated from his wife - and had to go to work while taking care of his four children. 

The video has since gone viral on Twitter with over 1.3 million views at the time of writing, “It breaks my heart seeing this. It’s sad to see his children, just lying there on the ground while he works, patiently waiting,” reads the caption. 

“You are a great father. I will pray for you,” said one person.

“I hope that God gives you strength. It’s not easy taking care of small children while working as a single parent. Superman does exist and this proves it.”

Amazing dad! We wish nothing but the best for him and his kids!