So Penat! Singaporean Driver Endures 9-Hour Traffic Jam on Journey to Johor Bahru

Traffic congestion has long been a frustrating reality for many Malaysians, and one recent incident involving a Singaporean traveler has highlighted this ongoing issue. 

Venting his frustration on Facebook, a Singaporean named Eddy Wayne shared his harrowing experience of being caught in an extensive traffic jam while traveling to Johor Bahru.

so penat! singaporean driver endures 9-hour traffic jam on journey to johor bahruPhoto via Facebook (COMPLAINT SINGAPORE)

Taking to the public Facebook group COMPLAINT SINGAPORE, Wayne expressed his exasperation after enduring a nine-hour traffic standstill on his journey to Johor Bahru on September 1st. 

He conveyed his frustration in his post caption, stating, "Soul destroying. It was the worst jam I experienced in 20 years of driving to Johor Bahru. Please learn from my mistake and avoid going to Johor on long weekends or any weekend actually."

In his post, Wayne included a couple of photos depicting the endless line of vehicles in front of him at 7 pm, situated on the Malaysian-Singapore Second Link Bridge. He disclosed that he had initially joined the queue at 10 am.

Wayne's post garnered significant attention online, with both Malaysians and Singaporeans empathizing with the driver's plight as they reflected on the challenges of crossing the bridge. Some users speculated that a combination of school holidays in Singapore and Malaysia's Hari Kebangsaan celebration on August 31st might have contributed to the traffic congestion.

One user suggested that queue-cutting might have exacerbated the jam, as drivers often veer into bus and lorry lanes and then attempt to rejoin the queue closer to the customs checkpoint. However, others argued that it should be common knowledge that traffic tends to be heavy after a holiday period.

so penat! singaporean driver endures 9-hour traffic jam on journey to johor bahruPhoto via Facebook (COMPLAINT SINGAPORE)

Several users also shared their own experiences of enduring similar ordeals while crossing the same bridge. One user recounted being stuck in traffic for nine hours on Christmas Eve in 2022 while trying to attend her sister-in-law's funeral, vowing never to attempt the journey to Johor Bahru on a weekend or public holiday again.

Another user mentioned an even more severe congestion experience during the Chinese New Year period, lasting between 14 to 16 hours. Despite the shared frustration, some users couldn't resist making light of Wayne's situation, joking that he could have saved more time by taking a flight instead.

In conclusion, the story serves as a cautionary tale for travelers, emphasizing the need for careful consideration when planning long car journeys, especially during peak travel times.