How Kind! S’porean Raises RM600,000 During Live Broadcast To Help Malaysia Flood Victims

It’s not only Malaysians who have been helping the flood victims, but our neighbours in Singapore, too!

how kind! s’porean raises rm600,000 during live broadcast to help malaysia flood victimsPhoto via Facebook (Wang Lei 王雷)

In a touching act of kindness, Singaporean artist and online fish seller Wang Lei, or also known as "Mai Yu Ge" or "Fishmonger King," recently raised RM600,000 for Malaysian flood victims in just 50 minutes!

He raised the money during a live broadcast on his social media page and then later expressed his gratitude towards everyone who had contributed to the cause.

Though he only set a RM300,000 target, the amount raised doubled in just 50 minutes. The donations ranged from between RM10 and RM15,000! That’s amazing! 

During the live session titled “Flood in Malaysia,” he also shared photos of the devastation brought on by the floods, while saying that more assistance is still needed in many parts of Malaysia. 

He also expressed his excitement at how quickly the donations were coming in and thanked everyone for their generosity. 


Posted by Wang Lei 王雷 on Monday, 6 March 2023

“Thank you for your support and help for the flood victims of Malaysia,” one person said. 

Wang Lei has also raised RM750,000 for Malaysian flood victims two years ago. 

“Many criticised me saying that the money was not allocated properly. Despite this, I remained strong in my belief that the money has been distributed to those who needed it,” he explained in his live broadcast. 

This is so kind! Thank you, Wang Lei, for doing this!