Singaporean Man Gets Star Wars Themed Funeral Complete With Cosplays!

May the force always be with him…

There’s probably no better way to end an earthly existence for a true Star Wars fan than being sent off with a ceremony based entirely on the franchise that they love.

singaporean man gets star wars themed funeral complete with cosplays!Photo via Facebook (501st Singapore Garrison)

…which is exactly what a man in Singapore got when his funeral was attended by his friends and family all dressed up in Star Wars cosplay, dressed as Storm Troopers, Imperial Officers, Royal Guards, and even Darth Vader himself!

A user, named @icraft4good uploaded a video of the funeral on TikTok, showing members of the Imperial army entering the hall with the Star Wars theme song playing in the background accompanied by a text displayed on the screen saying: “Goodbye, brother! May the force be with you!”

@icraft4good Saying goodbye is hard. #starwars #501st ♬ Star Wars - Produced - Ettore Stratta

Apparently, the funeral was for a member of the 501st Singapore Garrison, which is a branch of an international Star Wars costume organization.

The man, who was simply referred to as TB-7576, mimicking the naming conventions of Storm Troopers, was given an emotional send-off on the group’s Facebook page. 

Today, we bade farewell to one of our own, TB-7576. A good man gone too soon. You are one with The Force now, brother. Rest easy. Buckets off.

Posted by 501st Singapore Garrison on Friday, April 29, 2022

What a special funeral. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat