Netizens Praise Honest S’porean Hawker For Returning Money to Customer Who Accidentally Paid RM1,348 For Meal

A popular hawker stall chain in Singapore has recently garnered widespread praise online for its exceptional act of honesty…

The chain recently went the extra mile to locate a customer who had mistakenly overpaid for a meal and promptly returned the extra money.

12-5-23 *Announcement* Dear Patron, Our finance team have report that a patron by the name of; << Ong ××× ×××, Mande...

Posted by Ah Gong Teochew Noodle on Friday, 12 May 2023

Taking to their official Facebook page last Friday (12 May), the hawker stall chain posted about the overpayment, aiming to alert the customer involved. The post explained that a customer named Ong had accidentally paid SGD400 (RM1,348) for a meal that was worth only SGD4 (RM13.48) through e-payment.

Although the exact outlet where the transaction occurred is unknown, the hawker stall chain shared the limited information available, stating that the transaction took place between 12pm and 2.30pm on 12 May.

The post further mentioned that if the customer couldn't be located by the end of the year, the remaining SGD396 (RM1,335) would be donated to those in need.

Thanks to the widespread sharing of the post by netizens in Singapore and Malaysia, they managed to track down the rightful owner of the SGD396.

In an update, the hawker stall chain expressed gratitude for the assistance and confirmed that they had successfully located the customer who made the overpayment.

Latest update: Ah Gong have verified and have already return the $396 to the rightfully owner 🥢🙂 Thank u Everyone for helping❤️

Posted by Ah Gong Teochew Noodle on Sunday, 14 May 2023

This remarkable display of honesty deserves applause. Instead of remaining silent and keeping the excess payment, they made sincere efforts to locate the customer and return the money. 

Their integrity and commitment to doing the right thing are truly commendable!

Kudos for setting an example of honesty and going above and beyond to ensure the rightful owner received their money back. 

Their actions have inspired many and serve as a reminder of the importance of integrity and kindness in our daily interactions.