Singapore MRT Passengers Band Together to Clean Spilled Drink with Tissues, Leaving Netizens Touched!

In a nice event on an MRT train in Singapore, someone accidentally spilled their drink. But, instead of ignoring it, something really sweet happened. 

Almost everyone on the train started helping clean up the mess without saying anything.

singapore mrt passengers band together to clean spilled drink with tissues, leaving netizens touched!Photo via TikTok (@rika705)

The whole thing was recorded by a person on TikTok, @rika705, who lives in Singapore. People online loved seeing everyone working together.

In the short 24-second video, people didn't just stand there. They quickly took out tissues they had and worked together to clean up the spilled drink. Some even shared their tissues with others who were already cleaning.

The video has gotten more than 98,000 views and over 1,100 likes. 

@rika705 #anakrantau #singapur #foryoupage ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

People really liked seeing how everyone on the train helped each other out, showing that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference.