“So Rude!" Singaporean Woman Refuses to Put Her Feet Down on Public Bus, Police Called

In a recent viral video from Singapore, a TikTok user (@bbshidah) documented a tense encounter between a bus driver and a disruptive passenger. 

The video has gained significant traction, with over 242,000 views and 9,000 likes.

“so rude! singaporean woman refuses to put her feet down on public bus, police calledPhoto via TikTok (@bbshidah)

The incident unfolded when the bus driver approached a passenger, a woman sporting a visor hat, and politely asked her to refrain from placing her feet on the seat opposite her. It's important to note that there is a clear prohibition against passengers putting their feet on the seats, as indicated by a prominently displayed sticker on the bus, a detail pointed out by @bbshidah.

In response to the driver's request, the passenger reacted rudely and engaged in a verbal exchange with the bus driver, questioning his uniform and demeanor. 

After the heated discussion, the bus driver chose to disengage, and in the background, someone can be heard suggesting that the police should be called. The video concludes with the woman briefly returning her feet to the seat before opting to place them disrespectfully on the bus's grab pole.

@bbshidah aiya auntie pls be considerate lah 😭😡 #sgbus #kakibusuk ♬ Backsound Lucu - Faid rafanda

In the aftermath of the incident, as revealed in the comments section of the video, all passengers were required to disembark and board a different bus. The police were called to address the situation.

This video has sparked discussions and diverse reactions online, prompting a reflection on the importance of civility and respect in public spaces. What are your thoughts on this bus incident?