Swifties! This Singapore Tuition Centre Gifts Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Concert Tickets to Top-Scoring Students

Get ready for some major excitement, because a tuition centre in Singapore has just unleashed a mind-blowing plan to motivate students like never before! 

swifties! this singapore tuition centre gifts taylor swift’s eras tour concert tickets to top-scoring studentsPhoto via TikTok (@etgecons)

Economics at Tuitiongenius (ETG Economics) has come up with an "era-defining" concept to boost exam performance: they're giving away a pair of tickets to the hottest event of the year, none other than Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour!

In a move that's breaking the internet, ETG Economics dropped an eight-second video on their TikTok account, and let's just say it's gone viral faster than you can say "Shake It Off," with over 15,000 views and counting, this tuition centre is making waves.

So, what's the deal? Well, in the video, ETG Economics spills the beans that they've got their hands on those coveted concert tickets. 

But here's the twist—they're not selling them or making you jump through hoops to buy them… Nope, they're straight-up giving them away to the students who ace their economics test. Talk about an incentive to hit the books!

In true Taylor Swift fashion, the caption of the video is pure genius. ETG Economics writes, "It was a Cruel Summer, but we won The Great War. Now it's your turn to slay economics." They've cleverly infused Taylor's famous song titles into the message, proving that they not only know their stuff when it comes to economics but also have a knack for lyrical creativity.

Of course, the comments section is on fire with enthusiastic students eager to jump on this incredible opportunity. One commenter couldn't resist and asked if they could be a temporary student just to snag a ticket. 

ETG Economics wasted no time with their response, saying, "If you can top our economics test." Challenge accepted!

@etgecons it was a CRUEL SUMMER but we won THE GREAT WAR ‼️ now it's your turn to do well for econs ✨ #tstheerastour #jctok #taylorswift #taylorsversion ♬ Screaming crying throwing up Blank Space edit - Cowboy Han

Now, this is what we call turning the classroom into a concert! With the chance to witness Taylor Swift's iconic performance and boost your economics skills at the same time, it’s a win-win situation, no?

Good luck, everyone, and may the economics Gods be with you!