S’pore Man Shares How He Looks For His Grandma’s Photo On Google Maps Every CNY Because He Misses Her!

A Singaporean man who goes by the TikTok handle @retroridersg recently shared how he has been coping with his grandmother’s loss…

He uploaded a 14-seconds video on TikTok in which he revealed a screenshot of himself using Google maps to find a photo of his grandmother. 

s’pore man shares how he looks for his grandma’s photo on google maps every cny because he misses her!Photo via TikTok (retroridersg)

While navigating through the app, he is then seen tapping on a photo from February 2009. 

In the photo, two women can be seen waiting to cross a busy street at a traffic light. 

He reveals in the caption that one of the pedestrians is his late grandma, the woman who is seen wearing a purple blouse and carrying some plastic bags. 

He admitted that every Chinese New Year, he goes back to the photo of his late grandmother on Google Maps because he misses her. 

Apparently his grandmother passed away from cancer two years before Singapore went into lockdown due to COVID. 

What’s interesting is how he had come across his grandmother’s photo when she was still alive because he was curious and randomly searching whether any of his family members had been caught on the Google camera. 

He also said that he would take a look at his grandmother’s photo just to tell her that he is doing okay, adding that seeing his grandmother with the grocery bags made him happy because according to him, she was an amazing chef. 

@retroridersg Every Chinese new year whenever I miss my late grandma, I would come to google map and she will be there. miss you grandma. #fyp #foryoupage #coldplayyellow #cny2023 #grandma ♬ original sound - Lariexxx

The video has since garnered over 95,900 views at the time of writing. 

How sweet, this really warms our hearts!