Singaporean Man Buys $400 Worth of Fish From a Supermarket, Then Releases Them Into a Canal

A recent incident reported by Chinese media outlet Shin Min Daily News has shed light on the potential environmental repercussions of well-intentioned acts.

In Singapore, a man spent more than $400 to purchase approximately 30 live fish from a supermarket with the intention of releasing them into a canal, believing he was performing an act of compassion.

singaporean man buys $400 worth of fish from a supermarket, then releases them into a canalPhoto via Instagram (@zaobaosg)

The 62-year-old retiree, identified only as Mr. Lu, recounted how he witnessed a man releasing fish into the water while taking a leisurely stroll in the park. This scene inspired Mr. Lu to embark on a similar mission, believing that releasing fish into their natural habitat would bring blessings and foster a sense of goodwill.

Upon his arrival at Sheng Siong supermarket, the man in the white shirt expressed his desire to purchase all the live fish available, totaling more than 30 specimens, including at least 10 seabass and red tilapia. The cost of this endeavor exceeded $400. However, the man did not disclose the purpose behind his acquisition of these fish.

An employee from the supermarket shared details of the peculiar incident, revealing that a colleague assisted the man in transporting the fish. It wasn't until they reached the canal that his colleague realized the true intent—the man wanted to release the fish into the water.

A video provided by Mr. Lu captures the man carrying a styrofoam box, descending a flight of steps, and gently releasing the live fish into the canal. In that moment, an expression of happiness and contentment adorned the man's face.


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