Wah! Singapore Fire Station Impress Internet Users With Their Ketupat Deco Made Of Fire Hoses!

The most telltale sign of it being Aidilfitri has got to be all the Raya decorations at houses, shops and malls. 

However, this year, one particular Raya decoration tops the lot and it’s from our neighbouring country Singapore.

wah! singapore fire station impress internet users with their ketupat deco made of fire hoses!Photo via Facebook (Shukor Zahari)

Specifically, it’s the Raya decoration put up by the Punggol Fire Station in Singapore’s Punggol Central. 

As shared by Shukor Zahari on Facebook, the dual-ketupat decoration may look simple and kinda odd due to its red colour, but a closer look would definitely impress passersby.

That’s because the 2 ketupats are actually made out of fire hoses! Cool, kan?!

Impressively, the Abang-Abang Bomba of the Punggol Fire Station were able to weave the massive ketupats using fire hoses. It's hard to imagine how they managed to pull off such an incredible feat, but it's safe to say that they went above and beyond with their Raya decorations this year!

Shared by Shukor Zahari last Saturday (15 April), the post has since gone viral online. It's no surprise that people were blown away by the creativity of the firefighters.

Most of the commenters were impressed by the next-level Raya decoration…

One comment said that the feat is seriously impressive given how she even struggles to weave a traditional ketupat using palm leaves. 

Another commenter agrees, saying: “My hands are shaking even when using palm leaves to weave a ketupat… They’re using a fire hose… Champions!”

There are also others who joked about the absurdity of using fire hoses to make ketupat. One commenter joked that the fire station can boil the ketupat on the eve of Aidilfitri so that the whole station can eat. 

Meanwhile, another netizen joked that the fire and rescue officers would be perplexed the next morning trying to find their missing fire hose.

Despite the humor, it's clear that the firefighters at Punggol Fire Station put a lot of thought, effort and creativity into this unique decoration. It's a testament to their dedication not only to their work, but also to the celebration of the festive season.

So, have you guys seen anything like this before? What’s the most absurd Hari Raya decoration you’ve seen?